Meet Lulu

Upon seeing Lulu on the Wonder Dog Rescue website (where 5% of each purchase will be donated), Katie fell in love immediately. It’s impossible not to. She is the epitome of sweetness and love.

Lulu was rescued from a puppy mill and after years of being stuck in a tiny cage, she was underweight, incredibly timid and anxious. She was scared to walk outside and tired easily. She became distressed whenever she was left alone, often crying piteously.

After a few months of giving her the love and security she never had, it was wonderful to see Lulu become a well adjusted dog—discovering the world she had never known stuck in that cage. Soon, she started playing with the cat’s toys that were just her size and going on longer walks to the dog park.

Fast forward six years and Lulu is healthy and happy. She nests in couch blankets, waits underfoot in the kitchen for food to drop, and loves chasing squirrels and chipmunks in the grass. And EVERYBODY who meets her, LOVES LULU.


Meet the Owners

Katie and Diana met through mutual friends in 2008. Married on July 4, 2015, the couple finds joy in collaborating around the love of their lives, their dog, Lulu. Together, this family wants to share their unique designs, quality products, and a commitment to giving back with you and your furry friends. Unless you have a hairless chihuahua or the cat from Austin Powers, in which case, check back for pet sweaters!

About Diana

As a freelance graphic designer, Diana’s 10 years of experience in print and editorial design, art direction, project management, web design, illustration, and book and magazine production lend itself to the fun, colorful designs portrayed on our products and website. Diana designed her own wedding including website, invitations, table settings and personal logo. In addition to Lulu, she loves traveling, shark diving and hot air ballooning. She loves trivia and knows the capital of every country in the world. She watches Jeopardy every day while studying for her chance to be on the show.

About Katie

Katie is a pediatric nurse who dabbles in jewelry design and writing. She loves to read, travel and spend quality time with family and friends. She learned a great deal from her first small business venture, Katie Wood Jewelry, where she made jewelry collage pieces with vintage charms and resin. When figuring out the best way to make pet tags she put aside the unpredictable, difficult-to-work-with resin and discovered the world of sublimation.